English hooligans trash an Ikea after Sweden win

bdmetronews Desk ॥ Exuberant celebrations are part of what makes the World Cup such an engaging spectacle. Even when they go a little over-the-top as they apparently did in England today, following the Three Lions’ World Cup quarterfinal defeat of Sweden.

In-your-face celebrations and good-natured rivalries, like the one that saw former Sweden great Zlatan Ibrahimovic challenge ex-England great David Beckham to a bet on social media, add spice to contests like Saturday’s quarterfinal meeting between Sweden and England.

Ibrahimovic, by the way, lost that bet and must now attend an England match with Beckham, while wearing an England jersey. If Ibra had won, Becks would’ve had to take the L.A. Galaxy striker shopping for whatever he wanted at Ikea, presumably the Burbank location, which is the closest to Ibrahimovic’s new home in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, it was at a different location of the Swedish assemble-it-yourself furniture retailer that England fans got completely out of hand at while celebrating the 2-0 win that saw England book passage to its first World Cup semifinal since 1990.

In this video, which surfaced on social media in the hours following the match, we can see what clearly looks to be Three Lions fans running rampant in a UK location of the chain.

In the grainy video, which was obviously shot on someone’s phone, shirtless, beer-clutching fans can be seen running amuck through the store, jumping on furniture, throwing pillows and chanting England’s unofficial World Cup song/slogan, “football’s coming home.”

Meanwhile, a horrified retail associate looks away in apparent disgust.

Look, we get it England. This is the first time you’ve been to the semis in 28 years and, very probably, your best chance to win the World Cup since the last time you did back in 1966.

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