Melania sets record straight on ‘don’t care’ jacket

bdmetronews Desk ॥ The first lady sparked a media firestorm when she wore a green jacket with a message on the back while visiting with children of families separated at the border.

‘I want to show them that I don’t care’: Melania Trump reveals details of her life in the White House in her first extensive sit-down interview since becoming first lady originally appeared on

Melania Trump, maybe America’s most private first lady ever, is a woman whose quiet presence on Pennsylvania Avenue is almost the polar opposite of the image projected by her husband.

Her reserved voice contrasts with the president, who often speaks unfiltered whenever he wants.

But when she sat down with ABC News for a rare interview during her recent trip through Africa, she spoke freely, describing times when she has disagreed with her husband as well as what she likes about her role — which she repeatedly emphasized she does, indeed, like.

“I love Washington. I love to live there. And I made the White House home — for our son and my husband — and we love to live in the White House,” Trump told ABC’s Chief National Affairs Correspondent Tom Llamas.

“We are very honored to serve our great nation,” she added.

With a scenic wildlife preserve in Kenya as the backdrop, Llamas asked Melania Trump if traveling was one of the best parts of being first lady. Yes, she said, it was.

“But it’s also when I travel across the world and across the country, meeting people, and hearing and helping them as much as I can, and hearing what is important to them,” she added.

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