This Is Probably the First Thing Melania Would Do if She and Trump Divorced

bdmetronews Desk ॥ There have been whispers about the state of Melania and Donald Trump’s marriage ever since she was seen scowling during Donald’s inauguration in January 2017. And divorce rumors started flying after Melania was seenswatting Donald’s hand away.

If Melania and Donald were to get divorced, what would be the first thing she would do? Let’s take few guesses about the kind of life the first lady would live if she and the president parted ways.

Here are some things we think Melania would do immediately if she divorced Donald.

Melania and Donald met in 1998 and got married in 2005. After spending so many years together, it’s likely she would want to get out and meet some new people. Melania told People she wasn’t all that impressed when she first met Donald. One thing we know from the People interview is that Melania is not looking for a ladies’ man. She said that’s one thing about Donald she didn’t like.

Oddly enough, Vanessa Trump had a similar experience when she first met Donald Trump Jr. back in 2003. Shetold The New York Times they didn’t really connect during their first meeting.

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