Islam & Positivity

Cadet Asim Faiyaz 


The practice of being positive or the tendency of having optimistic attitude in life is termed as positivity. Those who are Muslim and believer among us, we must have a practice of positivity in our daily life.

And Islam; the religion of peace only granted by Allah the Almighty is so beautiful and has a close connection with positivity.

Human beings are considered as “Ashraful Makhluqat” i.e. greatest of all creations by Allah the Almighty in Islam. But not only in Islam but also in whole world regardless of religion, class, tribe,nation we all consider the same. It’s because of the consciousness; the ability to determine good and bad that makes us different than other living beings.

Now the question arises how Islam is related with positivity?

Well, let’s be practical for answering this question. Our life is a short period of time mixed with happiness, troubles, good and bad times. There is not a single human on Earth who doesn’t have problem in life. Sometimes the problem seems so difficult that we lose hope and can’t get the right solution. If someone is the believer of Islam, he/ she must know that, one should keep patience in life and faith in God because whatever happens, happens for a reason. If your days are going bad, it only may look rough now but if Allah the Almighty wants and you remain alive the next 5-10 years, you will realize it really was necessary for you. If you have any kind of shock in life and you are a believer, you will go back to your lord whatever  the situation is for asking His support and forgiveness out of misery in spite of blaming own luck.

Because your God wants to keep you in right path, He loves you and this shock was necessary for you to go back to Him, ask his mercy bowing down your head in Shijdaj by shedding tears. These are enough reason for a believer to be positive in life and keep patience in danger because whatever the situation is, God will forgive you and bless you with happiness.

But at present time many people are losing their hope and going astray. They are trying to find happiness in wrong ways. News of drug addiction, suicides are increasing day by day. Remember,  Allah the Almighty doesn’t judge anyone from past. You are always welcome to cry in front of Him for the sins and repent for it. Instead of problems, people should focus on solution.

But everyone should also keep in mind that, we can’t leave everything on God hoping that we will sit idle and He will provide us prosperity. Surely, Allah the Almighty doesn’t like idle people cause He has given us the capability of working and earning our bread. Also, anyone can’t do something troublesome knowing it’s harmful and hope that God will save them. No, not at all.

Remember, I told earlier human beings are greatest because of consciousness.

If someone jumps into flame thinking that Allah will save him, he is definitely wrong because his consciousness tells it is dangerous. Anyone doing these kinds of activities will commit a major sin because he or she is trying to test Allah the Almighty here. We should refrain from these kind of thinking.

So, instead of getting depressed, we should have faith on Allah the Almighty, be positive with our deeds and keep patience in our bad days hoping that Allah the Almighty is there for us and surely good days are coming. This is my first article. I hope readers get the message I want to give them. Let’s pray for our success in this last part of holy Ramadan. I’ve written this in an Islamic point of view but who knows any non-Muslim may  read this just out of interest. If anyone is just be positive with your approach in daily life and have patience if you are going through bad days. Instead of getting depressed, try to find out the solution. Lots of love for everyone. These are some minor words from me but even if it encourages someone a little, there lies my success.


Cadet Asim Faiyaz: SSC candidate 2021, Millitary Collegiate School Khulna.


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