Ashley Graham praised for sharing tandem breastfeeding photo

Ashley Graham is keeping it real when it comes to all things motherhood.

On Thursday, the 34-year-old, who gave birth to twin boys Malachi and Roman in January, shared an image of herself tandem breastfeeding her sons as she detailed her nursing journey.

In the image, the mother-of-three leaned on a bed and pulled up her tank top so her children could feed.

“Double fisting (peep the wacky tan lines),” she joked in the caption.

Fans celebrated Graham’s transparency and thanked her for showing a real glimpse at postpartum life.

“What an absolutely beautiful photo capturing the raw connection between a mother and her children,” a fan wrote. “Thank you for keeping it real!”

“So happy that you’re tandem breastfeeding! I absolutely love seeing other women do this, and as a mother to twins myself I can appreciate how hard and finicky it is,” another said.

“Yes, Mama! You go, Mama! Really refreshing to see a celeb post stuff like this. This is what real motherhood looks like folks!” said another.

The model also posted a similar snap to her Instagram story, where she revealed her “normal” tandem-feeding position — though it took “a few weeks” and “lots of tears” to perfect it.

After first introducing the world to her baby boys, Graham has made it her mission to normalize breastfeeding and postpartum bodies by sharing intimate photos of the realities of motherhood.

Last week, she proudly showed off her postpartum curves and stretch marks in a candid set of photos.

“Hi, new tummy,” the model wrote. “We’ve been through a lot. Thank you. #3monthspostpartum.”

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