Inauguration of the Padma Bridge: This is indeed a milestone

Bangladesh Development Initiative joins Bangladeshis, and friends of Bangladesh, across the world in congratulating Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her government on the successful completion and opening of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge. It takes vision, courage, deft management, and teamwork to execute a project of this size and dimension.

This is indeed a milestone and a historic event in the nation’s journey towards greater prosperity. It is also a symbolic move away from the historic reliance on international donor funds for megaprojects related to infrastructure.

We are grateful to countless Bangladeshi engineers, experts, and workers who have toiled with their international partners for nearly ten years to bring this technological wonder to a successful fruition. One cannot underestimate the role of the political leadership in providing the vision and wherewithal to successfully implement such a massive development project.

In this 51st year of the independence of Bangladesh, soon after the Golden Anniversary of the birth of the nation, we are delighted that the people of this country have received this wonderful gift, an engineering wonder made possible because of modern science and technology. The newly built Padma Bridge, connecting the southwestern part of Bangladesh by road and railways to the capital city Dhaka, will no doubt improve the daily lives and livelihood of millions of citizens and have a measurable impact on the nation’s economic growth trajectory in the coming decades.

BDI takes this opportunity to celebrate this success, and wishes Bangladesh and its hard-working people continued peace and prosperity in the years to come.

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