Strengthening partnerships to expand the journey of self-designed learning in Bangladesh

28 August 2022, Dhaka, Bangladesh- To establish a fun and alternative educational system in Bangladesh that helps the marginalized communities to come up with innovative solutions for their respective communities, Green Ink, a media and communication agency of Bangladesh is collaborating with the Project Defy from Bengaluru, India.

Due to the pandemic, while the children of the whole country were practically falling behind as educational institutions were shuttered, the two organizations took immediate action to introduce a self-designed learning method in Bangladesh. Self-designed learning is an alternative approach to learning and education in which the learners determine their own learning objectives and design their own methods to achieve those objectives while seeking information and knowledge in the most effective way that suits them.

The two organizations from different nations began their collaborative journey in the year 2021 when the Covid-19 pandemic was at its pinnacle in Bangladesh by establishing Nook, a self-designed learning center in the city of Barishal. A Nook is a physical space, usually about 500-1000 sq ft in size which is provisioned with laptops, the Internet, tools, and materials for making projects. It is a creative space that enables the community and its individuals to explore, experiment, and build projects, in order to achieve personal and community-wide learning objectives.

On this occasion Green Ink CEO, Ehsan Kabir delivered his note – “We hope to continue our journey of self designed learning for marginalized communities in bangladesh through lucrative partnerships”

Abhijit Sinha, CEO-Project DEFY said – “We are ecstatic to turn our initial experiments of bringing the Nook to Barishal into now a full-fledged partnership with Green Ink. We collectively aim to bring our self-designed learning model at scale to the whole country and create an education revolution that will inspire the world.”

By strengthening partnerships between Green Ink and Project Defy, the organizations aim to develop at least 10 more self-designed learning centers like “Barishal Nook” in all parts of Bangladesh in the next few years.

refer: Md. Ashraful Alam, Communication Manager ▪︎ Green Ink.

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