The Padma Setu ll Salim sikdar

The Padma setu is on of the dream project of Bangladesh. It has multi-purpose road and rail setu over the Padma river. Padma Setu is one of the 6 major constructions in the world. It was started on 7th December 2014 by China Railway Bridge Company Limited and ended by May 2022. The satu has been inaugurating on 25 Jane 2022 by Bangladesh Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina. The two-tier steel truss bridge is 6.15 km long and 18.10m wide. It is a four-lane highway,

Upper level is for buses and other behecles and railways on the lower level. The whole project cost is estimated too. At first, the World Bank wanted to help aid, but later cancelled its credit agreement.

Finally, the country was self-financing . so, to speak in the poet’s language-

“How many dreams have I received from the Father
Freedom through bloody war,
How many dreams I have seen from Tanaya
Padma satu, no support from World Bank.”

There were not only an economic issues but also environmental problem. The nature of Padma river is calm in winter and cruel in summer. So, keeping this in mind the construction process was divided into 6 parts. The 1st part was constructing the main Bridge. The 2nd part was river traning 1.6 Mawa + 12.4 in Jajira works around. 3rd and 4th part were connecting the main setu with two highways. The final part was construction the service area and supervision.The satu connects the southwestern part of the country with the capital and the eastern part. It will improve regional cooperation and transport management, which will play an important role in the economy of Bangladesh. With its self-financed construction, the Padma Bridge has once again made Bengalis hanged notice to the world that they are not to be ignored. So I am a proud Bengali by building the Padma Setu.




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