Bangladesh is a successful country in the operation field of eye cataracts

Mizan Rahman, Barishal:

In the operation field of eye cataracts Bangladesh is standing on peak in the world. The techniques and modern apparatus which are being used by the western countries; Bangladesh now-a-days using the same method and same apparatus. Eye cosmetic surgery, phaco surgery, micro surgery, terra eye straightening, drooping eyelids etc. are now well treated in our country.

Especially in the cases of cataracts problems our operations attained a good deal success. This success uplifted Bangladesh on the same platform as like as the western countries’ standpoint. Dr. M R Khan Shohag (BCS Health), Micro-surgeon of Ophthalmology Department of Barisal Sher-E-Bangla Medical College, discussed about the progress, obstacles and success of eye treatment in a close questionnaire session with Journalist Mizan Rahman. Yesterday, Dr. Khan Shohag (BCS Health), Micro-surgeon of Ophthalmology discussed all about these sitting in his own chamber of Nabagram Asian Eye care Hospital. Doctor M. R. Khan Sohag is also known as humanitarian doctor.

He recalled of his childhood and said, after passing SSC I got myself admitted in the Notre Dame College. After passing HSC I sat for test examination of admission in BUET and other renowned colleges. But my father suggested me a profession of serving poor and simple men of this country. He meant me to read medical science. He also advised, through this profession I can serve the destitute people and can earn money at the same time. Thereafter, I studied medical science. Regarding “Eye” Dr. Shohag said, “It’s the most sensitive part of our body. Through these eyes we see the whole world, enjoy its beauty. Eyes are our most important resource. It is our responsibility to protect this valuable resource.”

Dr. Shohag also emphasized to take proper care of our eyes. Laziness or neglecting this problem creates enormous problems for us. Any time if we feel any problem in our eye we should at once need to go to doctor. In our country there are happening many diseases in our eyes, such as cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cloudy eyes, blindness at night vision, eye swelling, watery eyes, swollen eyes, eyes itching or itchy eyes, dirt copulation in the eyes, etc. Every day we face various problems in our eyes. The eye specialist and Micro-surgeon of Ophthalmology are curing these patients nicely. But everyone should be careful, when any casualty happens to our eyes, we should go to an eye specialist, not to any pharmacy.Explaining cataracts, Dr. Shohag said, the lens is a transparent part of the eye that focuses light from outside so that the eye can see. When people come aged, this lens can become cloudy, preventing light from passing through it. This can lead to blindness. When a gray coating grows on eyes, eye-sight comes cloudy, it is known as cataract. Doctors easily operate this cataract in their operation rooms.

Dr. Shohag said, I can easily remove cataracts with surgery. After that, the eyes get better. In Bangladesh, we are now using modern methods in eye surgery, and we are getting these benefits. Dr. Shohag said, I never perform any Shirking duty. Anytime, I get any opportunity of helping the poor, the hapless people, I atonce jump on it. Those eye patients who cannot pay my fees; I do not take their fees. In our country, the services regarding eye treatment is very developed now. Phacosurgery, microsurgery and glaucoma treatment in the country are of world standard. I can and do assist an eye patient in every possible way at Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital. Finally the doctor said, I am enjoying this profession.

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