I hate public-speaking, but I run a podcast show?

T. Mahmud


It’s true. Those who know me on a personal level are aware of the fact that I loathe public-speaking. Being both shy and introverted, I tend to feel very uncomfortable whenever I’m asked to speak in front of a crowd. Why, then, did I start a podcast show?

Despite being on the quieter side, I genuinely enjoy having meaningful conversations with others. I like listening to other people’s stories, because I would then be able to learn more about the lessons they have learned, the emotions they have experienced, and the challenges they have encountered. I strongly believe that stories can play an important role in our personal development. Even though they’re fun to hear about or narrate, they should contain lessons which we can benefit from. The more we learn from our and other people’s experiences and mistakes, the more we’ll grow.

Opening up about past struggles or personal matters can be frightening, especially if it’s done on social media. Before I recorded certain episodes, I felt very uncomfortable (and perhaps even nervous) because I was afraid of getting “attacked”. Images of people making snide comments or laughing at me flooded my mind. Despite these insecurities, however, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and speak up. There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed, hence I use my platform to discuss them with guests.

The more I continued to reach out to different individuals and record episodes with them, the more confident I became as a person. Initiating conversations with new people became easier for me, which I personally consider to be a very big accomplishment. I feel as though running a podcast show is a very effective way to develop your social skills, as well as build solid relationships with like-minded people. I ended up bonding with many people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and I also enjoyed having conversations with them about topics which interested us.

Even though I saw improvements in myself, I still have a long way to go concerning public-speaking. This is a skill which I may need more time to sharpen and polish. The thought of giving a face-to-face lecture or speech in front of a large audience still makes me feel uneasy. Despite this nervousness, however, I’m still willing to continue with my podcast show. It’s challenging, but it’s also educational and fun. I’m looking forward to having more guests feature in “Conversations With T.”, as well as discussing other important topics with them!


About the Author: “T. Mahmud is a rising entrepreneur whose mission is to help people thrive in their mental wellbeing and personal development. She does so through education and designing products that are related to her field. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Simmons University (Boston, USA) and a master’s degree in special and inclusive education from University College London (UCL). Contact T. Mahmud in her social media platforms (Instagram: t_mahmud_ and Facebook: T. Mahmud).”



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